Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Daily Planner

Ever stopped to wonder for a second how you arrived at this exact moment? Ever taken into consideration the number of things that had to happen in such a way so as to bring about the moment you stand in right now? Even as you read this blog, as you came to know me, how did all of this come to be? I ask myself this question often as I walk through life. Recently I have been doing a whole mess of reflection. I went running this past Tuesday and while physically I was running through the streets of Miami, I was running along side God in my heart as He took me through the journey that is my life. Slowly we began going through my life from the day I learned of God to now. Granted, we didn't finish, but every moment I get that I am not distracted by this world, I reflect.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching one of my guys from Uth group give a teaching. A teaching I was familiar with because he had originally come to me for help on. Apparently, however, as is true with everything, we may start a thing, but God will ultimately drive it home. How I got to sit in his classroom with a bunch of other kids, it was God. My original intention last night was to sit in service and feed myself, however, God had it for me to serve last night, and in my service, He fed me.

The message was on the Seven Days of Creation. He felt the need to explain to these younger kids the importance of understanding what took place in Gen 1, because he had recently just finished taking a biology exam that essentially jammed evolution into his head as "fact". He, being burdened by the fallacies and falsehoods the education system is pumping into the minds of kids, decided to teach on Genesis 1. He, however, took a different approach. He began with the above question I presented to you (Ever wondered how you got here?) and then took the kids on a wild ride through the days of creation and the hands of a loving God who has big plans for our little lives.

When I stop and think how it is I came to be, it makes me chuckle. My mom and Dad met by "chance" as the world puts it. My dad was working at a major Mortgage and Banking office and my mom wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. My mom's dad, however, refused to allow his daughter to do anything outside what he wanted for her, so as a result told her it be best to learn business and housing so as to better her chances of survival in the U.S. (this is usually the mentality of a set of cuban parents who left the exile of communism and had to rebuild there lives from the ground up upon arrival in this country). Because of this notion in my grandfather's head, my mom, through a series of events, landed a job in my dad's office. My dad, who at the time wasn't exactly being the best husband to his current wife at the time, saw something in my mom. Overtime, a lot had to happen to my dad in order to make his marriage to my mom possible.

Additonally, after my parents were married, my dad, who today is the most faithful man I know (and a christian =D), was unfaithful to my mom, all of this before I was even a thought and all of this before he even knew God. My brother had just been born and my parents were pretty much at the brink of divorce. How my mom forgave my father, I won't know, I'll say God placed it in her heart and she responded, because exactly 1.5 years after my brother was born, I appeared. (Do the math, 9 months of pregnancy, means in 9 months, my parents rebuilt there marriage). Now there are plenty of details missing, however, in the end, I came to be.

My life between then and now, too much to type here, however, I am currently working with God on putting something together He put on my heart. Looking back though, I can honestly say that there is one giant blueprint from which my life has come. God throughout my entire life has been there, throwing things in my direction, talking to me, showing me, helping me, teaching me, guiding me, and ultimately, saving me. Why He invests so much of Himself into a rebellious wretch like me, I'll never know, but the proof is in the pages. The pages of my life scream God and God, whispers love in the most beautiful and majestic, goosebump giving way possible.

The pages of creation yell plan. Verse 1 declares the creation of everything with the exception of one thing, God, who always was. Verse 2 begins with the nature of God, who starts a work and is faithful to complete it as is seen in verse 31. The earth was without form and void. Would God really create a thing which is void and witout form? No. Isaiah 45:18 is clear on the fact that God does not create something to be desolate, but makes it to be inhabited. He who starts the work is faithful and will finish it (1 Thess 5:24). He put the verse there to show His nature. He see's His work through.

The days of creation speak of a Daily Planner. Each day dependent on another. God didn't create fish first, then the seas, He didn't create animals and then the land, He didn't create the birds and then the sky. God first went and prepared the place, prepared the way, prepared the work, then placed the creatures into their respective places in order that they might fulfill their purpose.

Our lives are no different. We were all created to be inhabited by Christ. Our purpose is to glorify and worship Him. We were not left to be damned to hell, God desires for all men to come to know Him (2 Peter 3:9). The day we said yes to Him was the day God said, "Let there be Light!" He then began to work in us His ultimate plan. He will continue until we reach that last day and finally come into His rest.

God has prepared for us an awesome plan which He wants to work out in our lives. Eph 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." As Christians we need to know something. We didn't just accept Christ for the sake of fire insurance. God has a huge plan for us to live out and He has it all set up ready and waiting. Are we going to choose to walk in it and trust that He knows what He is doing? Are we going to come to Him in full submission, giving up ourselves and letting Him work it?

Be about His business. Be about His work. Fall in mad crazy love with God. I mean after all, He fell in mad crazy love with You. He has big plans for us (Jer 29:11). We need to take to heart Jeremiah 29:11. We have heard it a million times I am sure, but it should never be a numb verse to us. In an older translation, the word plans is thoughts. He says "I know the thoughts I THINK toward you". Think, a verb in the present tense. He is constantly thinking good things toward us. He has a giant plan. He is always looking (2 Chron 16:9). If that doesn't make us want to fall madly in love with Him I don't know what will...On the cross He showed His love for us. Have we done anything lately to show Him our love for Him?

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  1. could you imagine what God's planner looks like?! lol

    It is so refreshing know that God's plans are good and that He will work out all things for our benefit. He is an awesome God.