Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 Year

People often don't think time passes by so fast, however, it does. Like James reminds us, "life is but a vapor" and David who said "mans days are numbered." Life passes and it goes fast. A year ago today...lets just say things looked different. It was about a year ago today I sat down with my best friend and brother, Tito. It was a year ago today that God used Him to start a process that is still going on today. It was a year ago today that God began coming from all angles. I remember just sitting back and not liking where I was.

Granted, back when we spoke, not to much changed in me at first, although, that Thanksgiving, I did pray and we had just lost my grandfather, so I had that on my mind. I remember crying in the car thinking about his life and how poorly I had treated him. I can still remember the song and where it was I sat while I wept bitterly for a life lost.

I can still remember being at my old friends house for the yearly Christmas party. This one was different for me though. Getting past all the food and gifts, I can see a guy who was at a point in his life that while he had the job, he had the friends, and soon would have the stuff to go with it, something was off. Something needed fixing. I can still remember wanting to pray (for whatever reason) before eating and some people looking at me as if I had conjured up some foreign concept, all he while, thinking to myself "We all went to a Christian school, why is this foreign?" It was God, He was working, and while I wasn't aware then, I am now.

I still can't help but think how perfect it had been set up. The place I worked was right across the street from Tito. It was the only way possible him and I could have lunch on any day during work. We worked across from each other. It was after that point I began hanging with him more. It was that point I began going back to church.

God had been working in me before then through other avenues, but at this point, He was not only working, He was tugging.

Christmas was different too, so was New Years. Things were changing, and I didn't know it then, but so many people were praying for my return. Faithful few who hand't given up on me. I am thankful they didn't. In fact I am glad they didn't. The people I have in my life now are a result of what God began in me a year ago, a work I walked away from, a work He was willing to continue because of His unending love. While I was busy seeing the failed result, God was busy looking at the end result once He was finished and because He is so in love with me (as He is with every living and breathing person) that rusted old project that had collected dust in the back, like Noah, He remembered. Not that He ever forgot me, but that He had to let it rust, He had to let it dust, He had to let it bust. When all that had passed, He did what He does best...redeem and restore.

In a nut shell, here is my story:

Matt 7:21-23 - Isaiah 44:21-22 - Titus 3:3-7 - James 1:22 - Isaiah 41:8-10 - Joel 2:25 - Neh 9:17,30 - Numbers 14:8

God is good....I love all of you. Thank you for putting up with my blog this year. I pray I finish strong, I pray WE all as one body, one church, finish strong, and I pray next year rock!

(A little early for the whole new year talk, but given what started a year ago today...felt right)

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  1. amazing to hear your story. I ended up reading your story cause I was following someone that was following you. Anyways, the point is, May your love and dedication to God grow fonder and deeper..Life goes by amazingly fast. Its beautiful! God Bless you!