Friday, September 3, 2010

Psalm 94:17

Alone I am nothing, in me a heart so black,
Desolate in my own strength, life I lack.
Left for dead, my nature deceives me,
No firm foundation, left down on one knee.

If it weren't for grace, my soul would be damned,
It if weren't for mercy, to hell I'd be slammed,
If not for Your love, my heart would be stone,
If not for your Spirit, I would be alone.

In silence I'm strengthened, in stillness made new,
Your mercy surrounds me, Your love is so true,
In my weakness and silence I'm made whole
In my darkest of hours, I give You control.

Though I stumble and fall and hit face to wall,
Your love consumes me and forgives without stall,
I've failed You before, I've fallen face first,
Yet Your love is poured out even when I'm at my worst.

When my foot slipped, You caught my heel,
You vanquished my enemy, no joy he could steal,
For my Father above, and my Savior within,
All work in my favor, forgiving my sin.

My soul is renewed, my strength made whole,
My Lord, My God, poured out His bloody bowl,
Unless the Lord had helped me,
In the silence of death, my soul would be...

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