Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isaiah 1:18

What is it about man that You care so much?
Why is it You take time to come within touch?
To seek a man so prone to wander,
To seek a man so prone to squander.

To a man whose nature is bent for death,
To a man whose flesh destroys every breath.
My hands are dirty, my heart is stone,
My fingers bloody, my breaths all blown.

You came and lifted me from my cave,
And showed me how I ought behave,
You lifted my spirits and renewed my bones,
You poured onto me Your own Son's groans.

He cried out my name up on that cross,
He traded His glory and beauty for earth's lowest dross,
His blood flow profuse, His love deeper still,
To die in my place on that dark lonely hill.

This man is so dirty, his countenance weak,
Sometimes I'm so shamed, I can't even speak,
Yet You grab hold of my face and kiss all my tears,
And renewed in my life all the lost broken years.

The locusts were many, the wandering so long,
Yet running You came, and in Your arms I belong.
Don't ever let me leave, please don't ever let go,
My heart was once scarlet, but now white as snow...


  1. I had lunch with two amazing women of God and this verse was the meditation and topic of our conversation. Love the outpour of this verse through poetry. Continue serving Jesus through words.

    Beautiful words stir my heart.
    I will recite a lovely poem about the king,for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet. Psalm 45:1

  2. ps. you've inspired me to post a poem lol

  3. This was a combination of Psalm 8:4 and Psalm 16:11 just coming to the forefront of my heart and mind...poetry is awesome, especially when He writes it