Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The burn I can't escape...

By day it keeps me in heat,
By night it keeps me awake,
It's light I can't escape from,
It's burden I can't quench.

When I try and run from it,
it follows me to my place,
leaving behind it a trail of ashes,
to remind me of what was lost.

With each day that passes,
The flame becomes larger,
A hunger fed by the air of Your lungs,
With every breath, the flame grows.

It feeds off the Word of your lips,
And brightens with every turn of the page.
When I deny it, it burns me,
and like a child I am chastened by my Father.

I am reminded to never quench it,
reminded never to hide from it,
The fire you lit within my soul,
Burns alive for you and your work.

I haven't had time to write a post due to this thing they call tax season, however, God has been giving me some sweet thoughts to dwell on while I wait for the season to end. Glory be to Him, these are not my words, but His....He owns :-)

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  1. you are on a roll my friend!!! <--- I was talking to Jesus, not to you.