Thursday, June 3, 2010

Every Breath....

Your Breath

I breathe and my lungs bring forth nothing,
With every breath I waste time,
Like the wind through a pasture,
So my breath passes, yielding nothing...

But Your breath is everlasting,
For with it You brought up nations,
With You brought forth life,
From Your nostrils I was born,

From Your mouth came forth existence,
From Your breath came to be good,
From mine came death and evil,
From Yours came a second chance,

Your last breath on that cross brought life,
Your breath gave us Your word,
By which we ought breathe,
By which we ought live.

Your breath restores,
Mine destroys,
Your breath lifts up,
Mine tears down,

Breathe in me and through me,
Let me breathe Your work,
And may my breath breathe Your love,
So that all who breathe it in might be saved...

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