Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lessons in Life

This isn't going to be like other posts. This one is different. God showed me a lot about who He is yesterday and who I am not. The fear of the Lord truly is the beginning of understanding. The sooner you come to terms with how amazing and glorious He is, and accept the fact that God is in Himself self-satisfying and honestly doesn't need us, the sooner you are so humbled by the fact that He would love us so much to redeem us. He didn't have to pour out his glory and send Christ to the cross for us, but He did, and it was all in the name of Love. Seeing as God is Love, it was all in the name of God.

I am not the one who saves people. My words alone are not what bring people to Christ. Christ brings people to Christ. I am just the vessel. The sooner I pour out myself and present myself an empty vessel ready to be filled with His love, the more effective I will be for Him

I cannot convince someone of the cross, Christ does that. I can study and learn every last word there is to know about apologetics, theology, doctrine, even verses, but unless I use it in the name of Christ and surrender all that knowledge to Him so that He can use it to glorify Himself, I am useless.

Without love, I am just making a lot of noise. It is His love that should push me, it is Himself that should cause me to live. I am not to go to God because of the stuff He gives me. To be concerned for myself, is to be selfish. I am ever humbled and ever grateful for what He did for me on the cross and have accepted that I can never repay Him and I can never earn it, I already have it. My confession and my faith, my choice, allowed Him to pour His grace on me. He is sooooo goood.

Why God chooses to use me, I will never know. His love is overwhelming and His grace is more than I deserve, He is more merciful than I can ever imagine, and I can't help but love Him. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Paul, Peter and James, David, Solomon and Samson, Elijah, Elisha and Enoch, Job, Noah and Moses is with me. Who can stand against me? What thing is going to happen in my life that God hasn't already approved in order that He might teach me. To think God takes time to get with me on a one on one level blows my mind. I am in Love with Jesus Christ and want nothing more than to serve Him.

My prayer is that we all come to a place of full surrender. 1 Minute of humility is all it takes for God to work an eternity of fruit. Give God 1 minute to use you and I promise next time you'll want to give Him 5. He is so faithful, even when we are faithless (2 Tim 2:13), His mercy is new every day (Lam 3:22-24), He is faithful to answer to all with an open heart (Jer 29:13), He is always looking to be amazing (2 Chron 16:9), He is the God of the universe, the Creator of all things (Isaiah 48:13), everything He does is good (James 1:17), He wants a one on one with everyone and desires all to know His love (2 Peter 3:9). He is awesome.

If that isn't motivation to want to serve Him, if that doesn't jerk even the slightest tear in your eye, if that doesn't cause your spirit to shake (Heb 12:25-28), examine your heart. God should always be a reality in our lives, never an idea. Just ask Isaiah (Isaiah 6) or Peter (Luke 5) or Paul (Acts 9).

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  1. YAY, I got to reading your blog. I'l check out the other two soon.
    It's funny because God has been showing similar things. Greater is He that is in me...
    very encouraging! thanks.