Friday, February 19, 2010

Less is more...

I had this whole thing planned out. I was going to post this epic thing on being more a doer and less of a hearer (James 1:22-24) and I had this whole side story that had to do with a friend of mine whose outlook on God is one in his own mind, where he decides what to do and not do based on the belief that the bible is incorrect due to the fact that man translated it, but honestly, that would be me. That is what I, Chris Sierra, wanted to do. Sure God was punching me in the face with the idea of applying what I was hearing and taking to heart, however, why sit and blog on me? When I created this blog, my profile said specifically that this blog would be about the person whose name is mine to the T. So why post something I want to post on, instead, I'll post on what He has on my heart right now.

To start, I will apologize for giving it a week before posting. My mind has gone through a whole mess of thoughts and prayers this past week, but God has been moving swiftly in my life, removing the bad and chipping away at the years of barriers I put up to protect myself from Him (I worked so hard so desperately in an attempt to create space). Let me just say, when He wants your devotion, He'll get it from you. You will be so dissatisfied with life that you'll have no choice but to fall face first into Him. Now I see God moving through me and I see Him using me in ways I never even knew possible. He has put so much on my heart and I am just so willing to jump in and go. It's like nothing is going to stop me. Full speed ahead.

We studied something real cool last night at College Group. It was Matthew Chapter 8, but my mind has been stuck on verses 1-4. It is a simple little story of a leper being healed by Jesus, however, how this man approached the Lord is remarkable. I can only hope that I can show the same level of humility and faithfulness that this man showed. He, covered in leprosy, went to Jesus and worshipped Him, then proceeded to say Lord, if you are WILLING, heal me. Not Lord, Heal me now. If you are WILLING...can you imagine that? Having something so horrible, something you would think God would take from you, however, you are so humble and so in the reality that EVERYTHING is within His will that you are willing to accept a yes and a no from God, even if its means being diseased for your life.

We see the same thing with Paul when he asks God to remove the thorn in His side. Yes God, in his infinite wisdom, knew that by leaving that thorn, Paul would forever remain humble. Sometimes it is tough to accept, but God may leave something in our lives because He knows that in the long run, it will benefit us more spiritually. My old high school chaplain always painted this sweet picture of God. Consider us in a boat on this river we call life. Some parts of the river are rough, some calm. Sometimes there are so many different directions to turn, so many choices, and all we want is to make the choice that best suits us. Now imagine God sitting on a mountain that oversees the river. He sees every turn, every rough spot, every waterfall, every rock, everything. Why wouldn't we listen to Him. HE KNOWS BEST! He sees the picture we sometimes fail to see, more often than not if you ask me...

Remember when Jesus asked God in the garden the night he was arrested to "take this cup from me?" Imagine if God would have granted Jesus His prayer, you and I along with the rest of mankind would be in some major trouble. But God (there's the two words again) knew what He was doing.

This all reflects back on what James tells us, to be doers, not just hearers. It is like getting a PhD and not ever getting a job in that field. It is a waste, an existence not worth living for. But that is where God steps in and owns our hearts and just uses us in ways we didn't think possible. Let me just say, He answers prayer, blesses us with what He knows we needs, and if we allow Him, continues to work in us and use us for His ultimate purpose. I have to say I am way excited to see what He has for me. In a matter of 2 months He has given me an awesome new family, an awesome outlook on life, and what looks to be an awesome heart to serve...and serve him I will...

It is simple math really, He > me, or you could say I =/= worthy, or my favorite God - Me = the way it should be. The less of me I allow, the more room there is for Him, and let me just say, I want as little of me as possible, leaves for plenty of Him...math owns

In other news I totally splurged and the little kid in me bought the ultimate pack of nostalgia. I have in my possession a regular nintendo (NES) and over 30 games. I went crazy on eBay and decided to feed the inner child by buying back my childhood on eBay......God is owning my life and I have an can't get sweeter.

And before I even think about the trials to come, I'll keep this in mind...

James 1:2-4:

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

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  1. I finally got around to reading this post. That chapter was pretty neat. All were outcasts (like me) yet all experienced Jesus one way or another.

    I see Jesus moving in you and through you!