Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mess of me...

So I guess I should give whoever is reading this some background on me and where it is I came from. My name is Christopher Andrew Sierra, 23 (soon to be 24 on the 24th). I work for an accounting firm on Brickell as a tax accountant. I am currently doing my Executive Masters in Taxation at FIU (Fee$ International University). I attend Calvary Chapel Kendall church. If you don't go, you should go, it rocks, the people rock and Jesus rocks!

So I had a blog a year ago over at Originally I started the thing to just post my opinion on Technology, World news, the president, economics, and taxation. Granted, a year ago I was no where near God like I am now (not that I'm standing next to Him today, I'm still far, but closer than before) so my words may not have always been the best, that and I blogged about worldy stuff and tried to twist God in there, when in reality it should be blogging with Christ in the center and then twist worldly things through the God filter to truly give my opinion some heavenly light.

Surfing the web one night, I came across a friend of mine's blog (hi dasha!.....hi raca :-P) and from there decided that a blog is an awesome way to express myself and express my thoughts. I have been praying about God's direction for some time now and have been asking that he open doors in my life that I normally try to keep closed. In a sense, this blog keeps me accountable and allows me to reflect on where He has me and where I'm going.

The name of the blog comes from a song called "Falling Out" by Relient K. I was listening to the song as I was putting this whole thing together. The song is one of the best (I'll say that about all of RK's songs) and it is a daily reminder to me that "I am out here, way beyond, a shadow of a doubt, and I know I've never fallen out of favor with You." No matter what I do, God will never love me any less, His mercy is amazing, His grace is unreal, and His love is never ending. Without these things, I would be nothing, and I don't deserve them, however, He is amazing!

I ended my previous blog, clearly, and have begun anew here in this one. I was such a mess, however, through His grace, I am no longer what James describes as dead, faith without works. Not to be confused with being saved by works, which doesn't happen, just ask Paul (Eph 2:8), I'm talking about the miserable existence of being a Christian and doing nothing with it.

I am no longer going to be a mess....well I'll try not to be, with His hands on the wheel, I have to trust first, then try...

"I made a mess of me, I want to get back the rest of me, I made a mess of me, I want to spend the rest of my life alive!" - Switchfoot, Mess of Me (Hello Hurricane)

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